About me

Anton Kosmač – Perseverance and a detail-oriented approach are personal characteristics that I developed during my career as a marathon runner in the Olympics. I now transform the best pieces of wood by hand into functional and aesthetic furniture with the same intensity and attention to detail. For more than 20 years, I have been working as a self-employed carpenter in my home workshop in the countryside of Slovenia. I produce furniture reproductions and modern furniture from 100% solid timber. Extreme precision, sophistication, purity, beauty and functionality are reflected in the high quality of my products.

Ecology and environmental protection are very important values to me. In my work, I don’t use illegal wood, my production is zero-waste, the pieces I craft are not of low quality, and I don’t make promises I can’t keep. If you are looking for very inexpensive products and you don’t appreciate these values and my ideology, I suggest that a different supplier will be a better fit.  

Anton Kosmač – High-quality furniture made from solid timber

Every product is unique, created by the beauty of the natural material and by many details. I choose the best pieces of wood from which to craft timeless pieces of furniture. Swiss pine wood – a high altitude pine – is definitely an excellent choice for your bedroom furniture, as it ensures a deep and relaxing sleep.

How it is made

In furniture production I use carpentry machines and classic woodworking tools to achieve sophisticated details. Through attentive and precise carving, planning, grinding, threading, and perfected processes of painting and manual woodworking, as well as the use of the best natural materials, I create products that are the living witness of the high quality that I have reached though years of woodworking.

  • Omarica iz lipovega lesa
  • Hrast
  • Rezbarjena skrinja
  • Rezbarjena omara
  • Omara iz lipovega lesa
  • Cemprin
  • Swiss pine bed

The procedures of joining together pieces of wood is key to product stability and aesthetic perfection. I make every piece of furniture using classic joints without metal elements.

Oak is probably one of the best types of wood for furniture. It is strong, resistant and stable, it can be painted or left in its natural colour. Every type of solid wood is unique. I recommend wood with a texture and colour that matches your vision.

The perfection of products depends on the selection of wood and on the protection procedures of finished pieces of furniture. Besides brushing, waxing, oiling, polishing with varnish and painting with natural colors, the techniques of applying a coating are key. I make the furniture look old by using a special procedure called patina finishing.

  • Rokodelstvo Art&Craft

Would you like a high-quality carpentry product that you can’t buy anywhere else? With a sense of aesthetics and by applying his artistic qualities, Anton Kosmač can make the unique furniture you desire.

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