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Izvedbo in produkcijo videa sta poskrbela Razvojna agencija Sora in Karata film.

Swiss Pine Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture – Pinus cembra, also known as Swiss stone pine, is found in the high Alps. It grows very slowly and in extreme conditions, and it has a lot of essential oils which positively affects sleep. Scientific studies confirm the beneficial effects of Swiss pine oil on sleep. Its pleasant smell helps you sleep better, it improves your circulation, decreases your heart rate, improves mental resilience, regulates your nervous system in a natural way and guarantees a deep and relaxing sleep. Sleeping in a Swiss pine solid wood bed, you will wake up every morning fresh as a daisy.

Award-winning desk BigSEE Wood Design Award 2021

This desk made from specially selected rustic oak wood was created for a Slovenian fine art painter with a strong sense of sustainability and tradition.
The oak wood is joined using traditional techniques without any metal elements being attached to the classic wooden joints, which gives the piece stability and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Push latches were used, as the client wanted the piece to be suitable for modern-day use.

Cherry Wood Baby Cradle

Have you ever wanted a cradle – a reproduction of the heritage of our ancestors, family heritage – that could be passed from generation to generation. Our ancestors knew that a wooden cradle would create a rocking movement for your baby that would make it feel safe and sleep quietly. At the same time, the rocking movement recreates the safe sense of being in the womb. The cradle is a top-quality reproduction of heritage, made from cherry wood. The painting and its sophisticated details will attract your attention and rock your baby to sleep. 

About me

For more than twenty years, I have been working as a self-employed carpenter in my home workshop in the countryside of Slovenia. Perseverance and a detail-oriented approach are personal characteristics that I developed during my career as a marathon runner in the Olympics. I now transform the best pieces of wood by hand into functional and aesthetic furniture with the same intensity and attention to detail. The products are created through the beauty of natural material and by many details, special characteristics present in classic carpentry joins which preserve the skills and knowledge, tradition and the beauty from the past and that have been passed down from generation to generation. Exceptionaly precision, sophistication, purity, beauty and functionality are all reflected in the high quality of my products. Every product is unique, custom-made and from the best pieces of wood. With responsibility I preserve the heritage from past generations and at the same time I produce modern furniture using traditional carpentry techniques connecting the past and present. 

Solid wood furniture

Solid wood products

The handcraft techniques of hand-made woodworking that have passed from generation to generation are the foundation of my modern, classic and unique wood products. The added value of production is presented by the use of different types of solid timber chosen by the customer:

  • Precise production
  • Environmental protection, use of natural materials and zero-waste production
  • Various combinations and finishes,
  • Use of classic wood joints elements – hand-made wood joint elements and wood carving details, as used by the old masters, which are key to the stability and perfection of the product. I appreciate old wood joint element techniques because they are eternal.
  • Unique surface treatments – inlaid,
  • My own special design details,
  • Natural oil, patina, colours of vegetable origin, varnish, flawless varnish and the best pure beeswax,
  • Wood carving details of the customer’s choice,
  • Use of forged metal details.

Through attentive and precise carving, planning, grinding, threading, and applying the perfected processes of painting and manual woodworking, as well as using the best natural materials, I create products that are the living witness of the high level of quality that I have reached through years of woodworking.

The solid wood furniture of past generations

Zibelka iz češnje

I follow the elements of the rich furniture history that I use at the customer’s wish in production of modern stylish and classic furniture. I especially like arts and crafts that preserve important past moments in thousands of forms of expressions, and it brings forward many experiences, tradition and beauty of past years. In 2019, I obtained the Art&Craft Slovenia certificate.

As an Olympic marathoner, I recommend a Swiss pine bedroom to wake you up sleepy and full of energy

Pinus cembra, also known as the Swiss stone pine, is a species of mountain pine that grows in the high Alps. It grows very slowly and can reach an age of between 200 and 400 years. It grows in extreme conditions, producing a lot of resin and essential oils, which means that it has a lovely aroma and the fragrance lasts longer. The pleasant smell of Pinus cembra helps people sleep betterit improves blood circulation and reduces the heart rate. It also improves mental resilience, regulates the nervous system in a natural way and guarantees a deep and relaxing sleep. Bedroom furniture made from Pinus cembra is an excellent choice for a modern and healthy lifestyle.

The bed is made from completely natural Swiss pine wood without metal screws and synthetic coatings. It consists of hand-made wooden joints using techniques which were well known by masters in the past. Every bed is unique, with many fine details and exuding the beauty of this natural material.

Swiss pine or Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra) bathroom

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If you are not quite ready for an entire bedroom made from Swiss pine, you can try the equally efficient Swiss pine pillow, which will take you on a wonderful journey into the forest thanks to its lovely aroma. You will feel like you are sleeping in the woods. The perfect way to ensure a deep and relaxing sleep.

Pillow with Swiss stone pine shavings filling

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