Solid Wood table

Solid wood table

Oak wood office desk

BigSEE Wood Design Award 2021

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This desk made from specially selected rustic oak wood was created for a Slovenian fine art painter with a strong sense of sustainability and tradition.

The oak wood is joined using traditional techniques without any metal elements being attached to the classic wooden joints, which gives the piece stability and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Push latches were used, as the client wanted the piece to be suitable for modern-day use. The drawers come in from the left and right sides to create an interesting combination of wooden joins on the front. The desk’s surfaces have been treated with natural oil. This process can be repeated as necessary.

This meticulously crafted desk is a timeless piece of furniture. Created to last generations and be handed down as a value piece of family heritage.

Oak table

This high-quality kitchen table is crafted from select rustic oak wood. All parts are joined using wooden joints without any metal screws.

The table has another distinctive feature – it is crafted out of a single log, the upper surface is made from two neighbouring planks, which gives the piece a unique appearance.

Three-Piece Oak Wood Table Set

This simple but sophisticated piece of furniture made from the best oak wood, with a linseed oil treated surface, can be used as a table, coffee table or bedside table. The table is composed of three tables that can be easily assembled into one. You can configure the table as you wish and to have exactly as much room as needed. The table with simple lines is connected by dovetail joints. This kind of multifunctional furniture is timeless and always modern. 

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Walnut table from one board

Exhibition Čar lesa 2021 in Cankarjev dom Ljubljana 7 to 11. June 2021

This sophisticatedly crafted table is made from select walnut wood and features drawers made from maple. The exterior three sides are constructed using a single plank of walnut wood.

Traditional joinery techniques were used for the drawer and give the piece an air of stability and aesthetic sophistication.

The interior of the drawer is made from maple wood and uses dovetail joints to give an interesting and contrasting appearance of two types of wood.

This carefully constructed table can be used as a nightstand, coffee table or side table.

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