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BigSEE Wood Design Award 2021

Award-winning desk BigSEE Wood Design Award 2021

This desk made from specially selected rustic oak wood was created for a Slovenian fine art painter with a strong sense of sustainability and tradition.

The oak wood is joined using traditional techniques without any metal elements being attached to the classic wooden joints, which gives the piece stability and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Push latches were used, as the client wanted the piece to be suitable for modern-day use. The drawers come in from the left and right sides to create an interesting combination of wooden joins on the front. The desk’s surfaces have been treated with natural oil. This process can be repeated as necessary.

This meticulously crafted desk is a timeless piece of furniture.
Created to last generations and be handed down as a value piece of family heritage.

Exhibition Čar lesa 2021 in Cankarjev dom Ljubljana 7 to 11. June 2021

Exhibition Čar lesa 2021 in Volčji Potok 12. June to 5. July 2021

Exhibition Čar lesa 2021 in Univerza na Primorskem Koper 5 to 29. July 2021

Exhibition Čar lesa 2021 in Expano Murska Sobota, 1 to 30. Avgust 2021

Exhibition Rokodelski center DUO Škofja Loka 2020

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