Swiss pine bedroom

Pinus cembra, also known as the Swiss stone pine, is a species of mountain pine that grows in the high Alps. It grows very slowly and can reach an age of between 200 and 400 years. It grows in extreme conditions, producing a lot of resin and essential oils, which means that it has a lovely aroma and the fragrance lasts longer. Pleasant smell of Pinus cembra helps people sleep betterit improves blood circulation and reduces the heart rate. It also improves mental resilience, regulates the nervous system in a natural way and guarantees a deep and relaxing sleep. Bedroom furniture made from Pinus cembra is an excellent choice for a modern and healthy lifestyle.

The bed is made from completely natural Swiss pine wood without metal screws and synthetic coatings. It consists of hand-made wooden joints using techniques which were well known by masters in the past. Every bed is unique, with many fine details and exuding the beauty of this natural material.

Swiss pine or Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra) bathroom

  • Borova spalnica
  • Masivno pohištvo
  • Masivno pohištvo

I craft furniture with the help of furniture machines and tools for woodworking and carpentry to create sophisticated details. I ensure the high quality of my products and unique products that are all produced by hand. In my work, I try my hand at applying the skills of ancient masters.

Manual headboard levelling

Research on the positive effects of Swiss pine

If you are not quite ready for an entire bedroom made from Swiss pine, you can try the equally efficient Swiss pine pillow, which will take you on a wonderful journey into the forest thanks to its lovely aroma. You will feel like you are sleeping in the woods. The perfect way to ensure a deep and relaxing sleep.

The beneficial effects of Stone pine:

  • Pinus cembra wood grows in the highest parts of the Alps
  • the trees are 200 to 400 years old
  • contains a lot of resin and essential oils
  • pleasant smell
  • helps to sleep better
  • strengthens blood circulation
  • strengthens mental resilience
  • naturally regulates the nervous system
  • takes care of a deep and relaxing sleep
  • repels moths and mites

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